Sunday, October 15, 2006

Two corking posts at Actually Existing

Guess where I started with even trying to catch up on blogs?

Nevertheless, Phil has two excellent - and for me highly enjoyable - posts I would like to direct you to (of course he has loads more as well, but these two, at the top of the blog, caught my eye and imagination).

The first caught my eye because it's about C.S. Lewis's Narnia and the troublesome place of Susan. I grew up on the Narnia books, though it took me several years of reading to figure it was an analogy for Christianity. For while that was key to my on-going interest; then it became a key reason for my difficulty with the books. I'm pretty well versed in knowing about theology and scripture (dad used to preach in the Market Square in his younger days) but my 'beliefs' such as they are belong more in the Pullman camp.

The second caught my eye because I remain a huge fan of the work of Whedon. I loved Serenity and hadn't seen Firefly before I ran with glee to the cinema. So it was interesting to read the opinions of someone who has only seen the film and felt (if critically) largely positive. If you haven't seen it, I would say it is well worth seeing and is now cheaply available on DVD. You can pick the Firefly series up as well for not much more and I'd recommend that too. You can watch one without the other - despite what Phil seems to imply - but you will have added fun watching the two in whichever order you please.


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