Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blog meetings: official and unofficial

Yesterday, as hinted at by JJ here, Cloud and me met up with the ever lovely Reidski and JJ. As before it was an absolute joy full of laughter, bad jokes, musical discussions and general delight. As truly one of the success stories of blogging, seeing them really warms your soul. Oooh, I feel all gushy!

Anyway, looking at my diary (pah, I'm still bloody rubbish at using one properly), I see there are a few more upcoming and more formal get togethers of blog persons and it reminds me that I was originally going to try and organise something here in Nottingham at some point.

Given my limited capacity for giving beds (we can barely find our own in the mess that is this house) I don't want to put out a call and then leave people stranded. I'm also acutely aware that given our lovely Nottingham city centre, folks probably DON'T want to be battling with the beauties of ladsabouttown and henpartyrabbitearedgalsinmatchingtshirts.

So, if anyone IS still in favour of some kind of blog meet in the middle of the country, would it be worth us meeting somewhere near to the station initially and then trooping across town to the more enjoyable pleasures of the Lincolnshire Poacher on Mansfield Road? Does anyone have any better suggestions? Does anyone have any ideas about a date? Pre Xmas may now be a bit tight and people may be under pressure for other types of friendly socialising, but sometime in January 2007 may be worth considering?

Let me know...

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J.J said...

it was great meeting up with you both again. Regarding a date for a Nottingham meet - I expect EVERYONE will want to be at the Forest/Cobblers game so whenever that is would probably be perfect ;-)