Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Robin Hood Studies

Priceless. This gem from the Nottingham Evening Post (accessible via here):



12:00 - 10 October 2006

A Post-graduate course has been set up in Robin Hood studies at the University of Nottingham.

It is the world's first master's degree course to investigate the truth behind Nottingham's most famous legend.

Academics will have access to 600-year-old manuscripts at the university's school of history to investigate the story.

The course starts next year and should cost about £2,930 - the same as most of the university's history MAs for 2007-08.

Dr Rob Lutton, lecturer in medieval history and pathway leader in Robin Hood studies, said: "The new MA in Robin Hood studies at Nottingham is an exciting opportunity for anyone with an interest in the origins and development of England's most enduring legendary figure to ask searching questions about the relationships between popular culture and history."

The course will involve stories, songs, plays and literature from the 16th and 17th Centuries, and will examine the wider historical context of the medieval Robin Hood stories.

Students will also look at claims by Nottingham, Doncaster and Wales that they are the real home of the historical Robin. They will look at modern manifestations of the hero - including romantic novels and Robin's latest BBC incarnation.

Dr Colin Heywood, head of the school of history, said: "The University of Nottingham has a long tradition of researching late 12th-century society in England and Normandy, making it the perfect environment for students to understand the context for the Robin Hood legends. Those taking the course will look at the wider social and cultural perspectives on the subject, using 600-year-old manuscripts as their source material."

A university spokeswoman said: "Postgraduate qualifications like this are a good grounding for careers in historical research and teaching.

"They compliment undergraduate qualifications and allow students to gain extra knowledge in their chosen subject as well as adding to their research experience and building their confidence."

But a modern-day Robin Hood might look for a different sort of MA course.

"If Robin Hood were operating in Sherwood Forest today, he might choose a bigger target than the sheriff," the university spokeswoman added.

"Battling social injustice would still play a big part, so he might sign up to a course at the university's new centre for the study of social and global justice. The MA in social and global justice includes modules on international relations, war crimes, justice beyond borders and democracy and democratisation."

She suggested Robin might enjoy an MA in international security and terrorism or an MBA in corporate social responsibility at the universtity's business school.

All spellings left as they were... Cloud's favourite paragraph highlighted.


Neil said...

I just liked the piece about Robin Hood doing an MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility.

I suppose that would be the MBA originally to be sponsored by those bastions of social responsibility BAT (British- American Tobacco)?

Rob said...

Re Robin Hood doing a CSR qualification, I now have an image of the Merry Men working Monday to Thursday robbing the rich in their outfits of Lincoln Green, and then on Fridays having a charity dress-down day where they wear jeans and "Not In My Name" anti-Crusade T-shirts and give to the poor.

JoeinVegas said...

And just what job would you be qualified for upon graduation?