Monday, July 16, 2007

"We'll turn around and find we've talked all night..."

Bless Chrissie: I try to give her as much info as possible when I pass on a compilation but I do sometimes hold back a little thought or two and wait to see if she picks it up.

Sure enough, today I got a text through about the track "It's Getting Light Outside" by Clearlake.

Now it's a cracking track anyway but it is one I've had sitting for ages waiting to hit a Chrissie playlist thinking of a specific message in mind.

Bless her for getting it.

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chrissie said...

Yeah I kept meaning to ask you about THAT track Rullsenberg my girl.Then I suddenly remembered to do so...when I was slogging through my daily workout to it yesterday.Well I was actually exercising to the whole darn cd :) - woah, that compilation IS out of this world!I just love those dot dot certainly know how to weave the "Who" magic between fabby tracks!I can't play the cd enough;never get sick of that one:
DT morning, noon and night time too
;-) Thank you so much for the making and sending of it.X