Sunday, July 01, 2007

Summertime tag

From lovely Emma over at All About My Movies. Thank you for giving me breathing space to contemplate my thoughts on the ending of Who season 3.

01. Name movies you watch every Summer.
"If Only" and "This Year's Love" - especially this scene. Very personal choices, but something of a delightful ritual.

02. Songs that remind you the most of Summer.
All of Pulp's album, "His 'n' Hers". Just as Different Class always reminds me of autumn/winter (particularly the dark tones of 'I-Spy'), so their previous album always stirs up summertime. I'd also nominate the always lovely "Echo Beach" by Martha and the Muffins ('my job is very boring I'm an office clerk' - in the years I was just that, it was an especial treat to sing loudly along to this!)

03. What was the greatest Summer holiday you ever had?
Given that mostly I haven't DONE summer holidays since I was about 22, it's a tough one to answer. I did have a lovely summertime last year though.

04. Your favourite airport reads.
Urgh. Not sure I even approve of the concept of an airport read.

05. Are you a sunbather?
Used to be. Not any more.

06. Your ideal holiday destination this Summer that you haven’t been to before.
Not sure I have one...

07. Describe your Summer of 2006 in 10 words or less.
Summer Sundae. Being lazy. Not enough house renovation going on.

08. What Summer movie must you see this year?
Must I? Go on then, Harry Potter.

09. Which Summer changed your life?
1990. Met my boy on an Open University Summer School. Can't get more life-changing than that on a hot summer's evening.

10. Do you like the beach? What do you bring to the beach with you?
Hmmm... Have gone off beaches over the years. It's almost like a regression for me. Apparantly when I was a baby I HATED the beach, hated sand. It moved beneath me you see - scared the bejeesus out of me. So I could only sit on the beach on a towel and if sand got onto the towel I yowled. I think I've gone back to that. Back when I last had a beach holiday I took a cassette player. That long ago. Mind, I do love beaches. Especially Aberdeen and Woodend (scroll for Woodend).

11. Your earliest memory of a Summer holiday.
Donkeys at Weston-Super-Mare. Always managing to look the wrong way when someone called me for a photo.

12. And finally, what do you intend on doing this Summer?
Intentions versus reality.

I intend putting together a book proposal on my PhD. I intend organising builders, plumbers and plasters to do some work on my house.

Instead I will probably write some nonsense, then it will be time to go to NZ and then I will get to the end of the vacation and have to go back to work and I will think "crap..."

Hmm, so that's MY take on summertime.

UPDATE: Catherine just won my heart completely. She loves Godspeed You! Black Emperor ...


Emma said...

Thanks for doing this, I always value your imput, and good luck with your redecoration... even if it does just remain as plans. Hehe.

And Summer could just be the best time of the year to meet that special someone.

Thanks again!

Catherine said...

His 'N Hers is an amazing album! I love it - sadly it's the only Pulp I own - but it's just fantastic.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Caherine: May I also recommend to you an investment in the deluxe ed of Different Class and repeated viewings of the 'This is Hardcore' video (enough to get any Pulp fan salivating...)

JoeinVegas said...

Ooooo - Doctor Lisa !!!!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Joe: yep, I'm the kind of Doctor that doesn't do anyone any good (unless they want an analysis of the significance of Peggy Guggenheim...)