Sunday, July 08, 2007

Specific gems from the Doctor Who Fan's Phrasebook

I keep re-reading this because it makes me laugh so much! Kudos to all the contributors. Although I am almost glad I haven't joined OG's forum because I could guarantee the slipping away of every minute of my life if I did.

A few choice selections...
“If I recall correctly...”
Who the Hell am I kidding? I ALWAYS recall correctly. I can remember the Logopolitan code for restoring the TARDIS down to the last hexadecimal. But I don't want everyone here to think I'm, like, really Sad or anything.

“The dialogue in that scene was nothing but a massive info-dump.”
I am an expert in every line of every script of every Doctor Who episode ever broadcast and, consequently, I resent the fact that writers consider it necessary to explain things like continuity to people who are less dedicated than I am.

“I can’t even begin to describe how angry I am about the casting of Catherine Tate.”
I know that my country took part in what may well be considered an illegal war in Iraq, as a consequence of which people are still dying every hour; I know that we live daily with the terrifying threat of Intercontinental terrorism; I know that global warming poses a significant threat to all life on this planet; but what has really moved me to sign an Internet petition and vent my impotent fury, publicly, is “an actress getting a job.” I hate everyone in the entire world, including myself.
And on that topic, this was a joy to read:

“Jon Pertwee.”
An actor who - at the time he was cast in Doctor Who - was chiefly known for his comic characterisations with wide popular appeal. A masterstroke of casting which reinvigorated the show.

“Catherine Tate.”
An actress who - at the time she was cast in Doctor Who - was chiefly known for her comic characterisations with wide popular appeal. A mistake of quite apocalyptic proportions that will, I predict, kill off the show for good.
And this was my particular favourite:

“I can't wait until RTD steps down as show-runner.”
I am going to be painfully reminded of the old truism “be careful what you wish for, it might just come true” if we get saddled with Chris Chibnall in 2009.

Oh yes....


Paul Fuzz said...

Just noticed you mentioned my Icky Thump (the song) review in an earlier post. I think it's an awesome record, but it has really divided opinion. I've spoken to alotta Stripes fans who gaven't been terribly keen on it, and almost nobody seems to like it as much as I do. It's certainly an extreme, uncompromising choice for the first single off the LP.

And don't worry George, I dont want to take credit for my review causing Ms R to have some 'road to damascus' moment about the White Stripes. I don't wanna get in the middle of nuthin'.

Rosby said...

If we end up with Chibnall at the helm, I swear I'll...I'll...

*tries to think of something to say that doesn't make her sound like a grumpy OG-er*

MediumRob said...

You can also have a go at the translated versions for extra points, I reckon.