Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bookshelves, books and the writer's room

Anyone else out there longing for the Guardian to publish a swish coffeetable book of all those lush colour photographs and discussions of writers' rooms? (Preferably, and I cannot stress this enough, with photographs shown complete on a ONE page and not straddling the page fold).

Anyway, it came back to mind not least because I was re-reading David McKie's piece on trying to read the spines of books when looking at photographs of bookshelves such as those included in the glorious Guardian series.

God, I really, REALLY like books. I know we have a long way to go on getting our house sorted as we want and that bookcasing, shelves and other paraphenalia are all well down the list on getting a kitchen/diner sorted next but I long to have a proper study/library a la something like one of those lovely author's room pictures. I have the fireplace with tiles ready to be centre-stage but what I currently have is a squashed nutjob of a room filled to (beyond) capacity with a jumble of differently styled shelf units, boxes and boxes of paperwork and assorted stuff (slides, photo cds, jars of pens, blank cds, card folders, old journals, cassette tapes) and piles and piles of books littering every spare inch of space.

Part of me longs to get someone to take over and just do a decluttering job on me, but mostly I just need better storage and organisation.

An unfortunately that is gonna have to come WAY after the kitchen project which could take the rest of the next 12 months to sort out.


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