Sunday, July 08, 2007

Making a Public correction: Its all about The White Stripes

And it happened that on a sunny July day in the year 2007, the Rullsenberg acknowledged that the George was one of our most ardent fellow believers in the Peel, and as such the George was an enthusiastic proclaimer of the legend of The White Stripes from the very first.

For yea, Meg and Jack were the news Gods of rock blues and the George did shouteth it from the rooftops.

And it was good.

But then it came to pass that Seven Nation Army did garner the multitudes to loving The White Stripes and for the George this was Much Less Good for he doth much relish being outside the mainstream and was concern-ed for the effect this would have on the music.

But lo, the Stripes did continue to maintain their credibility and are still hot-rockingly Good.

And it did come to pass that, because Rullsenberg does not play all her music on her computer, the George spotted her listening to Icky Thump on her lastFM profile and did falsely believe that the Cloud and Rullsenberg had not previously took up the Stripes into their hearts as the George felt they should have long since done. Moreover, he did feel slighted and rent his garments saying that it was all down to the Fuzzboy's review. For he did not know that the reason for her playing it on her PC was because she used some of her eMusic credits to get the new album via download. And the George was much saddened in his erroneous opinion, and the Rullsenberg even more so, for she did much appreciate the George for his wise council on the subject of music.

And so she did maketh this Public Pronouncement to soothe the George's troubled soul that of course he was the only one who could possibly deserve public credit for any listening to The White Stripes. And she did hopeth that he would look into the heart of the Peel belief system and know that you only have to seem like a grumpy bugger to win the hearts of millions.

Here endeth the pronouncement...

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