Friday, May 04, 2007

Too blooming busy - thank goodness for some comedy

Off to see Punt & Dennis tonight. After a long week - and with a social whirl of events this weekend (cinema, meal, Chesterfield) - I need the break.

If we opt for staying at home to tidy and garden tomorrow instead of trotting off to Leicester to see if Summer Sundae tickets are ready to collect yet, or Nottingham to book hotels for our trip to NZ (the LA bit), then I will most probably blog you tomorrow. If not, see ya on Sunday when I hope to come up for air in the blogosphere.

1 comment:

Rosby said...

Is Dennis Hugh Dennis? If so, hurrah! I love him on Mock the Week.

(I posted again, unbelieveably. *coughcommentpleasecough*)

...that was very shallow, wasn't it? But I do love Hugh Dennis. Hope you have a good time!