Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pages where I am (not) always to be found

People invite me to be their friend.

I like to respond!

Some things need membership to properly access them.

I like to join!

Do I keep up with these things?

Do I heck.

Live journal: I keep this to be able to comment and enjoy the best of the fan fiction Pr0n on the net. I only really get to read it at vacation times - or when Cloud is away (cue me being on there a lot next week!) so the page is more of a means to an end. And it enables me to comment over at Stu's page.

MySpace: I started this to be able to comment on Jarvis's MySpace page. It's been handy to access music - and occasionally to download tracks (thank you Mitch Benn!) but I'm struggling to find time to keep up with scouring its possibilities. So much out there and not enough energy!

Facebook: hilariously I have already joined this once (I think) but given dire warnings by many workplaces about its use I'm not chasing if that has gone into abeyance. But the lovely Non-Hippy Paul has invited me to join and I could not refuse. So I'm there under my sortof name.

So there you go. These are the place where I generally ain't, but if you want me there, I won't refuse your invite. Hell, it's nice to be wanted!


Rosby said...

I've just created a livejournal just to post on a couple of Communities; I tried posting in the damn thing, and it's definitely the most frustrating site I've ever used. Grrr.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Sheesh, that whole "I don't really do other sites thing" didn't exactly work did it?! Since I posted this I've had several friend invites! Lovely to see you all guys and girls: may we all have fun in Facebook.

I'm still blogging as top action though.