Saturday, May 05, 2007

Come on Who Doubters, tell me truthfully what you thought of that...

Episode "The Lazarus Experiment"


Direction: tight, atmospheric

Doctor: only limitedly shouty, lots more poetry and culture refs, quiet sinister glaring. And glasses. Short of the desired licking, very good indeed

Rest of Cast: Martha should stick to trews - she does't look right running in a dress but nevertheless bosting supporting performances all round, especially Gattiss

Trailer: oh MY GOD!!!

If THAT doesn't wet your appetite (and btw I reiterate thank you for scheduling the Eurovision next week so I don't have to miss the next ep) and clearly you have no soul.


Marie said...

But I get the impression from the BBC website that the trailer was for the whole of the rest of the series, which is a bit disappointing, because it made it look like 42 was going to be the best episode *ever*.

My truthful thoughts about that one was that it was fine, though not amazing. Much better than the last two. If the rest of the series lives up to that trailer, though, I will forgive everything.

Skuds said...

A little convenient that someone who is going to invent a rejuvenating machine happens to be called Lazarus!

Now wondering who (or what) the mysterious Mr Saxon is...

AnnaWaits said...

I really enjoyed it. Mark Gatiss was just utterly brilliant.

And that clips package was stupidly exciting.

Paul Fuzz said...

Whoapalooza breathes a welcome sigh of relief. Glad to see you're (mostly) all feeling less conflicted after last night's episode.