Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I've been reshuffled!

Thanks Paul!

After last year being Culture, Media and Sport/Scottish Secretary, I'm now shuffled to Minister without Portfolio/Scotland/Wales. Obviously a reflection of desire to close the Cardiff Torchwood office and relocate Capt Jack to the Tardis...

(something that is coming...)


Anonymous said...


Though I'm making it my duty to ensure he returns to the Hub as soon as is humanly possible. For Ianto's sake.

(Have I been watching Torchwood and drooling over Jack/Ianto recently? Of course not! Whatever made you think so?)

This is Rosby, the way. Every time I try and comment here with New Blogger, I manage to get it wrong. I'm still reading, don't worry!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Hurrah - Rosby!

Hee. Am holding out on Torchwood until the box set comes out in the autumn (I am looking forward to the rewatching the final two eps of S1 especially after we will have seen Who). I suspect I will enjoy it more watching the series through. The whole Jack/Ianto relationship... have you been reading the slash fiction stuff on the internet or would that cause parental problems??! There's certainly some entertaining, subtle AND v.risque stuff out there on their relationship!