Saturday, May 05, 2007

Quick Review: Punt and Dennis

I could just write: "Hilarious" but you'd probably be a bit disappointed with that?

Anyway, it was a VERY funny night, made even more lovely by running into my favourite Cud Fan. Hee. Very nice to see her again, even if her going to Glasto makes me V. jealous indeed. Still: we have the small but lovely Summer Sundae to look forward to.

So how funny were Punt and Dennis? Just brilliant actually. Hugh Dennis must be a real pain to 'straight man' to, since he clearly just loves to see how far he can push his mimes and physical comedy to wind up Steve Punt (even if that is a clearly defined act, it still works very well). And since reviewing comedy is always hard to capture let's just say that swans, YouGov and Poole Harbour will all subsequently induce random giggling in us.

A joy.


Sarah said...

No, no - look out for the list of names in the North Sea.....

'twas a very pleasant surprise to run into yourselves too.

AnnaWaits said...

I wish I'd got to see them! Glad you had fun :)