Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Marking the passing of Falwell

There's been considerable comment on the death of Jerry Falwell. I already alerted Cloud to it (when I couldn't get onto Blogger last night myself), but there have been some scathingly witty remarks that deserve to be commended:

This from J Crowley at Pandagon most recently caught my eye (especially the final remark)

I heard the news on NPR this morning, and the sun seemed just a little brighter. Yeah, I know it’s maybe “bad protocol” to be happy about someone’s death, and I know conservatives are likely going to make a huge deal about the “liberal blogosphere” and how we’re maybe “being rude” or “inconsiderate” or “childish” or whatever (I’m predicting a lot of yammering about it from O’Reilly and Hannity and such over the next week or two), but I honestly don’t care. The world is better for his passing, and I see no reason to mute this sentiment “out of respect” or for whatever other placating, polite, arbitrary notion. He was a hate-mongering asshole with far too much influence, and his death is like removing a swollen, veiny, cancerous lump from humanity. Sure, you look at it floating in its jar of formaldehyde and you know it was made of the same materials you are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be glad it’s gone, or can’t guiltlessly feel your body is better for it.

I will, however, admit I’m maybe going a step too far by thinking that someone needs to round up about a hundred people, drive a tanker of water out to the place where he’s buried, and spend a few weeks pissing on his grave in shifts.

Reminds me of the infamous competition for the most suitable epitaph to go on Mrs Thatcher's grave: "Licenced for Dancing".

There's plenty more on Falwell's death over at Pandagon - and other locations - which deserves perusal, and the Salon article by Alan Wolfe sums up why Falwell was always unlikely to get a pleasant send-off.


Reidski said...

The guy was scum. Via my mate Marc, I give you these quotes from a Cormac McCarthy forum:

"Through apparently all-natural processes, the planet
Earth today rid itself of one of its most noxious
vermin. Clown, bigot, fascist hatemonger - take your
pick - Jerry Falwell's decomposition settings shifted
from interminable to fast forward sometime this
afternoon in the posh office whose furnishings he
scammed from the unwashed masses of the superstitious,
xenophobic and sanctimonious. Good riddance, Jerry -
and for once, I hope you were right about Buddhism. It
would be indeed unfortunate if you managed to come
back in another form. "

"I only wish there was a hell for Falwell would surely
be there right now. Good riddance."

"What's the expression? Oh yeah. I wouldn't piss
on 'im if 'is heart wuz on fire."

JoeinVegas said...

I always wonder how peopole can say they bask in the glory of the lord and continue to open their mouths and spout $hit. He was about the most negative person I ever heard, preaching hatred for most of humanity (at least everybody that wasn't exactly like him).
Several reports on public radio discuss how the world is a worse place because of him, which I might have to agree with.

Rob said...

I hadn't heard the "Licensed For Dancing" comment before. Splendid (and equally appropriate to the Rev JF).

Have the neo-cons come out yet with any gushing obits?