Sunday, July 02, 2006

Those 25 lines in full

Would not have expected all these to go, amazed or thrilled that some did. of course EineKleineRob is now giving clues but short of using google I would be more pressed than I would like to admit to name even some of the most famous artists tracks... Damn
  1. Sleep of the Just, The Costello Show, King of America
  2. Remind me a Song, Misty's Big Adventure, The Solar Hi-Fi System
  3. Flutter, Amplifico, Hometakes - Vol 2
  4. Sex is Boring, Ballboy, A Guide for the Daylight Hours
  5. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Starship, The Ultimate Chick Flick Soundtrack (from Mannequin)
  6. Love's Almighty, Telepopmusik, Angel Milk
  7. Bullets, Editors, The Back Room
  8. Icing on the Cake, Stephen 'Tin Tin' Duffy, They Call Him Tin-Tin
  9. Wake Up Boo!, Boo Radleys, Wake Up!
  10. Codex, Pere Ubu, Datapanik in the Year Zero
  11. Bitch, Meredith Brooks, Blurring the Edges
  12. Never Win, Fischerspooner, Never Win (single)
  13. Crush in the Ghetto, Jolie Holland, Springtime Can Kill You
  14. Love and Happiness, Al Green, Uncut collection June 2006
  15. A Small Circle of Friends, Phil Ochs, American Troubadour
  16. Saturday Option, Lambchop, What Another Man Spills
  17. You and Me Song, The Wannadies, Essential Soundtracks
  18. Shark, Throwing Muses, Limbo
  19. Wild Horses, The Rolling Stones, Hot Rocks
  20. Tarmac, Hazeldine, Uncut: Sounds of the New West
  21. Brassneck, The Wedding Present, Bizarro
  22. Half Day Closing, Portishead, Portishead
  23. Sugar is Sweeter, CJ Bolland, The Analogue Theatre
  24. Hometown Unicorn, Super Furry Animals, Vox - Class of 96
  25. El Diablo En El Ojo, Tindersticks, Tindersticks II


JoeinVegas said...

You do have quite a mix there. But nothing classical? No old fashioned Jazz?

Rob said...

Phil Ochs - yup, my big bro took me to see him when he was mainly famous for "There But For Fortune" with which Julie Felix had just had a hit. My copy of OOASCOF is on American Troubadour too, though my bro has POTH on vinyl.

A propos Joseph Byrd (The Crucifixion) I see Portishead's "Half Day Closing" is reckoned to be something of a hommage to his "American Metaphysical Circus". Also, I see he was appearing in Manchester last week for the premiere of a new piece (WHite Elephants) by the Norwegian vocal group SPUNK and the distinctly oddball collective Dreams of Tall Buildings. Wish I'd been there....

Jayla said...

speaking of the rolling stones, I saw a commercial for a VH1 special on this band Platinum Weird where Mick Jagger is saying that they’re “the most famous band noone’s ever heard of.” I think they’re some band from the 70s that never released a record or something? check out this clip though
does anyone know about this?

J.J said...

They were really difficult Lisa, but it was good fun trying. If my hearing wasn't so dodgy I would copy this, but if I'd misheard every line in the first place it could be somewhat unfair!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yeah, they were pretty darn tough (those not got at least), although for me they were all pretty familiar even if not in first line form.

Yes, I was astonished that no tin pan alley standards etc came up, or any opera, but then again the computer collection is a bit lacking on those sorta things. Not the overall collection but what is on the 'puter. And I have to say most of our jazz and classical is non-vocal anyway...