Sunday, July 02, 2006


This just spotted over at the usual centre for news. Spot the key final sentence...

West Wing Quiz!
01/07/2006, 17:00pm BST

David will soon be appearing on the West Wing Quiz:
The enormously popular E4 US import 'The West Wing' is coming to an end soon and the channel are bidding it a fond farewell with a special 'West Wing Quiz'. Rory Bremner will be hosting as two panels of celebrity fans of the show (including Dr Who's David Tennant) pitting their knowledge of the show against each other, for a night of light-hearted competition and fun.
The show will be filmed on 4th July. Tickets are no longer available.
Hurumph. Assume that any news on this was on their forums, but even so I don't think I could have been quicker off MediumRob's mark if I had tried.

Sigh... Well, at least I can stop panicking about checking my work email address every five minutes...

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