Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hamlet schedule and reviewers

Back in June I asked for your dates of seeing Hamlet (and Love's Labours Lost).

Here's the schedule and updates with reviews as they come in.

Last updated 19 October
I have added some updates

Hamlet: Stratford

4th August - Mr Wongablog who found space in his review for the word 'geekgasm' and Anna Waits who makes a good case for this Hamlet bringing great wit to the production and plenty of first-time vistors

8th August - Poly Gianniba

28th August - my new work colleague! [and she likes Dougie Henshall: needless to say, I think I like her!] - she came back reporting the humour, the rockstar levels of applause and plenty of 'he is SO sexy".

1st September - Rosby - whose fair phrase "dear LORD he's good looking" pretty much sums it up...

5th September [after show talk] - Poly Gianniba

6th September - [matinee] Helen Lisette and her mum. The summary text I got read 'Hamlet totally fab. DT brilliant and nice arse". Again, sums it it.

23rd September - Magical_M - awaiting review and return from Europe trip

26th September - juramcleod

18th October - Rullsenberg and Helen Lisette

Love's Labours Lost: Stratford

October - Jane Henry (she can't recall the date!)
Postscript - Jane Henry attended on Saturday 4 October. I think we can say she enjoyed it!

10 October - Poly Gianniba Note to self: this is my birthday...

17 October - Rullsenberg and Helen Lisette (plus, if we can get returns the following day's matinee... well, why not!). This weekend is between our two birthdays so we are seeing it as a treat.

Hamlet: London

5th December - Stu_N

12th December - Jane Henry and Marie Phillips

13th December - Rullsenberg and Chrissie

Let me know if there are more visits or dates I have missed. And do let me know if there are reviews to link to!

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