Thursday, August 07, 2008

A full day in London 2nd August 2008

Main action for the day - getting to see Under the Blue Sky at the Duke of York's theatre. But first...

Begin the day with Breakfast at Bar Bruno

Really, there is no better way to start a day than with brekkie at the marvellous Bar Bruno. The only down side is they do not open Sundays (thank heavens for the newly located S&M cafe for that then!) but with eggs and bacon to die for and a great atmosphere - lots of construction workers and a generally genial air of London-ness - it is a fabulous place to start the day.

Next up was a visit to the National Portrait Gallery, with unexpected pleasures beyond the always interesting images that the portrait competition exhibition throws up. Yes, we got into the NPG rooftop restaurant - and got a window seat!

We then headed over to Marylebone High Street, and dodged into Daunt Books. This was a very pleasant bookshop indeed, and given how much we spent we were even more pleased to get a gorgeous canvas bag thrown in. Yippee! We then enjoyed a meander through the red brick streets of this end of London. Looking above street level is always fascinating but there were some real gems here.

After a bit more book-buying, we dropped bags back at the hotel, I continued giggling furiously at Wiffle Lever to Full, and we then headed to the theatre.

Post performance I would have happily waited to see Catherine Tate, but Cloud got a fit of the shys and given I hadn't eaten beyond snacks since the big breakfast we instead headed into Covent Garden and to Cafe Pasta. We had a very nice late meal and then mooched back to the hotel.

End of day two.

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