Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Things I did over the last few days: August 2008 - the fall

The next fews posts will hopefully catch up on my actions from the last few days. And this first post is known as ...

Falling flat on my arse, banging my arm and giving myself a whopping great bruise all in the name of David Tennant

Yes, just what you want to do when it's summer (short sleeve weather) and you're about to go on holiday.

Cloud called me into his study Thursday night to show me the photos from Hamlet. Scrummy, but sweetie I am SO ahead of you. Walking into the room proclaiming wearied nonchalance I unfortunately put my foot down on a pile of papers he had dropped to the floor for later recycling. Some of the papers were glossy...

Cue Lisa actually falling on her arse at merely approaching David Tennant.

This does not bode well for later in the year.

Nice bruise though.

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