Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It is a dead computer. Dead I tell you.

Yep, the old computer is dead. Need to wait till after pay day to get new computer.


Posts planned now on hold as Cloud's laptop is only functional puter in house. Damn.

I was going to review a couple of books, the first Hellboy film (I only just watched it: yes, late I know) and my rewatch of s1 of NuWho with Eccles-cake. But that is all now waiting in the pending tray of life.

And yes, guess what. I hadn't backed up everything so some of the music will be lost and some pictures. And some general files.



George said...

That sucks Lisa. If I have any duplicates of the music you lost, you give me a shout.

But, at least you'll get a fancy new toy!

JoeinVegas said...


annawaits said...

Hope the new 'puter works out well for you!!

Anonymous said...

i'm new... hope to despatch approximately more oftentimes!

Anonymous said...

i'm new... hope to brief around more regularly!