Thursday, April 10, 2008

Further positive reviews for Douglas Henshall in the Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Almeida Theatre, London till 10 May 2008)

From Variety (with courteous thanks)
But the juiciest role is Satan, played to acclaim in New York by the swarthy Eric Bogosian. Goold has gone the opposite direction in casting Scottish actor Douglas Henshall. Tall, strawberry-blond and silkily patrician, Henshall's performance is a comic marvel of ostentatious understatement. A knowing, sexy smirk on his face, this Satan's danger comes from the energy he generates by doing oh-so-very-little onstage: the odd flick of a walking stick, the cross of a Gucci-trousered leg, the devastating application of one of Guirgis' well-composed put-downs.
I say again... **gah** and **swoon**

It really is so wonderful to see him getting such wonderful reviews: even where the comments are only so-so about the play, it's been an across the board rave for Henshall's performance as Satan.

So I reinforce again, if you get chance to see the play before it closes, go and book!

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