Monday, April 14, 2008

Charlie B says "Don't vote for Boris"

Thanks to Stu_N for the direction, but Charlie Brooker's piece on Boris Johnson and the London Mayoral election is a classic.

I'd probably back off from saying that BJ is a dim waste of space (he was an enthusiastic and reasonably informative guide on classical history etc) but as CB's header says "I wouldn't trust Boris to operate a mop, let alone a £10bn Crossrail project."

If you're a London voter I'd advise:
1) VOTE - don't waste it
2) UT please, we beg you PLEASE, do NOT vote for Johnson


MediumRob said...

Okay then!

I'm voting Ken, not because I especially like him, but because he's the only one who's got a coherent green message as well as the slightest idea about transport policy.

Boris is just insane. Did you know he's rumoured (he doesn't give interviews) to be planning five deputy mayors, one for each area of policy? The man doesn't have any ideas of his own.

Reidski said...

Being a miserable bugger myself, I don't usually laugh out loud at the written word, but Brooker's piece had me chortling away. And how absolutely right he is!

Nickname unavailable said...

Brooker couldn't come up with a decent reason to not vote for Boris apart from hating Tories (if you are a bit mindless hating Tories is a good enough reason of course). The actual contest, unlike the article, is pretty gripping - the Livingstone supporters really think the world will collapse if he isn't re-elected. I know Ken is barking I didn't know the condition was so widespread amongst his groupies.

Reidski said...

Oh goodness, a Boris supporter thinking that anyone voting for Ken is a "groupie" and that anyone not supporting Boris cos we think he's a right wing racist fucker is "mindless" ... well, haven't we got that one wrong, then, eh?
What's the betting that this anonymous commenter is white and upper middle class?

Marie said...

I'm white and upper middle class and I will be voting for Ken! Inverse snobbery is still snobbery. My objections to Boris are not that he's posh and rich, it's that he has no coherent ideas on how to run London and he's, yes, a right-wing racist fucker. You can be that no matter what your background.

Reidski said...

Marie, that is not inverse snobbery, it is simply asking a question. Good to see that you think you can answer on behalf of that tosser though!

Marie said...

Not answering for him, I just don't like it when people say 'that bloke's a wanker - he must be just like YOU'.

Reidski said...

Marie, who said that? I was making assumptions about who he is, not who he is like!
If you have a problem with what I write and the type of person you think I am, then do so, but don't do it on the basis of what I haven't said and what you assume I'm thinking!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Oh please do play nice children...! I don't want to have to come in and break up the banter.