Monday, April 28, 2008

Darren's meme...

If Darren will make such threats, then I guess I have to respond...!

1) What was the last 1980s song you heard?

The Police - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
I was (briefly) listening to 6Music's Listener's Mix...

2) What was the last thing you saw on Youtube?

This Scissor Sisters Doctor Who video. God, I'm shallow.

3) What was the last entry on Wikipedia you viewed?

House of Leaves when writing my book meme.

4) What was the last computer/video game you completed all the way through?

You are kidding right? It's well over 10 years since I had a game of Tekken. I think that's the closest I have ever come to playing a computer game at all. I've never done level games.

5) What did you last pig out on?

Chinese meal (or rather the post-meal prawn crackers).

6) What is the last undeleted text message on your mobile phone?

Note to self: delete more texts. Not telling. Sorry. ;)

7) When did you last have a conversation with someone other than a family member?

Depends what you mean by conversation. Do work colleagues count? Last non-work conversation was probably Saturday with friends Nick and Sue.

8) Aside from where you live, what is the last village/town/city you visited?

Derby on Saturday for the Silk Mill Workers commemoration day march.

9) What was the last competition you won?

Primeval book competition!

10) What are the last three blogs you visited?

Rosby, Swiss Toni, Anna Waits.

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