Thursday, April 10, 2008

Swiss Toni and the alphabeticon of CDs

God, I LOVE lists! It's the ordering thing I love, the completist nature in me (even if I do sometimes lose faith after a while).

Swiss Toni started this trawl some time ago and I have devoured it eagerly and stored the posts on bloglines ever since. It's just so lovely to get this picture of someone's music collection -- however incomplete it may be.

I am still seriously considering doing this myself. be warned.


SwissToni said...

I'm pleased you liked it... I can tell you that I've received a good deal of (mostly) good-natured abuse about it and how anal it is and how of little interest to anyone it is, perhaps including me. Personally, I've found it fascinating methodically going through a pile of those things that I still buy religiously, but do little more than rip them and then put them on a shelf. It's been interesting both from the point of view of seeing what I've actually got up there, and just how much I haven't... all those funny metal CDs that I seem to have hidden in a box under the spare room bed, and all those more recent CDs that are sitting in piles in places like the kitchen, on the stairs and in the boot of my car. The key is in the story behind each one though, I think. A list would just be dull, right?

Do it. I for one will be interested.


SwissToni said...

fact: I have only downloaded one complete album from iTunes. I've ripped loads of other people, but there's only the one that I've paid for. I just like having the CDs, and every album I'm really interested in (as opposed to just passingly interested in), I will actually go and buy in a physical format.

The album I downloaded? Minimum-Maximum by Kraftwerk. And I only downloaded that as it was an absolutely ridiculous price in shops and £7.99 on iTunes.

So there you go.

I download individual songs all the time though. 79p for a one off is brilliant when compared to a CD single, I think.