Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The reply from Mary Dejevsky

Oh dear, as a follow-up to this, not only is the exchange here at Spinsterella full of the sort of wit and verve and insight, but Mary's D's reply and the comments that follow it are absolutely priceless.

This was the reply:
ii didn't say there weren't any, just that there were fewer. and therereally are. maybe quality makes up for quantity. thanks, regards, marydejevsky
And this was the priceless comment deom nibus that especially had me in stitches:
Mary! The shift key! Before it's too late! Yes, you press it and the letter you want, at the same time. No, the one with the arrow going up. Yes, I know there are two - count how many hands you have and you'll see they match. Yes, that is 'handy'. Sigh.
UPDATE: there is something deeply ironic (or illustrative or Freudian) that in a post mocking someone's poor typing I manage to write an almost Latin-esque typo myself. Any guesses what I could have meant by "deom nibus"? Okay, so the nibus is the commenter's name, but "deom"? Possibly a typo of "made"????!!!


holyhoses Rob said...

It's "from", innit? d and e are next to f and r!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...


SimonHolyHoses said...

Or maybe you just decided to carpe "deom".

It's all right. I'm already heading for the coathanger.