Wednesday, July 05, 2006

On artistry and process

Cracking return to form from our Fuzzboy giving us what he does best: perfectly formed streams of writing on the cultural topics close to his heart. In this case its about the processes and perfection of cultural production - well, at least that's what I think its about. Actually, its just a damn fine rant about "Lester Bangs, The Velvet Underground, Making Movies etc." Go read it.

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Paul Fuzz said...

Why thankyou Ms Rullsenberg. Yes, I think it did end up being about 'the processes and perfection of etc' in some roundabout way. From now on whenever I shovel out a buncha incoherent ramalama I'll make sure to direct everybody to your blog for an explanation of it. Heck, I'll direct *myself* to your blog for an explanation of it.