Wednesday, August 17, 2005

TV Programmes (my second attempt)

I had a great post worked out in response to this. Blogger lost it. I have just resisted the urge to throw my cronky office computer from the window on a hot sunny day (even though I know its Blogger and not the computer).


Recent / ongoing

* Blackpool (these boots...)
* Casanova (a confection of delight and tears)
* CSI (can I have all three versions?)
* Dr Who (recent series... and hopefully the next)
* Green Wing (just bonkers and hilarious: DVD btw anyone... anyone? Channel 4 have you gone to sleep?)
* House (best doctor in years and a smart character)
* Law and Order: Criminal Intent (smart character, again: even if Private Pyle all growed-up has nicked that quirk of tipping his head on one side from Clooney in "ER")
* Scrubs (Dr. Cox... 'nuff said)
* State of Play (script, actors, genius)
* The West Wing (the parallel world)

Past stuff: gone but not forgotten

* 24 (just Season 1: season 2 had its moments, but it going on and on - and on Sky - I've lost track. Prime 'climb-the-sofa' material)
* Buffy (can I have a slice of the Whedonverse - to include "Angel" as well please?)
* Dharma and Greg (I blame having cable TV for a while: I loved this show)
* Northern Exposure (before Dr. Joel and Maggie really got it together)
* Our Friends (in the South - aka "Holding On" / and the 'original' one, "Our Friends in the North")
* Psychos ("Did you like my flowers....?")
* Seinfeld ("Believe it or not, George isn't at home...")
* Spaced (worth repeated viewing: get them DVDs!)
* The Vice (Ken Stott: hangdog and emotionally tortured - just what he does best)
* The X-Files (because in less than a year we watched every single episode - even the end of season 9...)
Honourable mentions
Blackadder, Curb Your Enthusiasm, ER, Father Ted, Frasier, Our Mutual Friend, Quantum Leap, The Sopranos (early seasons), This Life

Further back in time

The Sandbaggers (one of the few programmes I recall from my younger days)


John said...

The Spaced DVDs are excellent. I recommend them.

So Chris Morris and Steve Coogan do nothing for you? I'd've picked Brass Eye and Alan Partridge at a minimum.

Darren said...

No mention of Tutti Frutti? I sometimes think I'm the only person who remembers that series.

AnnaWaits said...

"* Scrubs (Dr. Cox... 'nuff said)"

Heck yeah :) What a series.

Fraiser, Spaced, Spin City, Scrubs, Blackadder and Friends. They're the staples of my tv diet. Anything else is... pudding. I watched an ep of Friends for the first time is ages today and it reminded me how strong *all* the peformances and writing was week after week. Pretty amazing really, and I took it for granted...

AnnaWaits said...

BTW, did you watch Pulp - No Sleep Til Sheffield? Great programme I thought. I'm not an expert about em at all, but I get the impression Jarvis has subsequently been quite cynical about that 'height of Pulp' period, but he didn't seem to be hating it too much :)

John said...

I remember Tutti Frutti, Darren. That was Robbie Coltrane when he was funny, right?

surlysimon said...

New tricks - brilliant
why did we all miss these gems out?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Certainly Tutti Frutti should have been on at least my "gone but not forgotten" list. Shame on me. (That's me hanging my head in shame folks). As with any list-making there are often moments when you go "doh! how could I forget...?!"

Sadly Steve Coogan has done little for me over the years - though he turned in a genius performance as Mr I-Made-Manchester in 24 Hour Party People. Yes I liked some of the Alan Partridge stuff but there was a lot of duff characterisations amongst the passages of genius.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

BTW Anna, I have No Sleep till Sheffield on VHS taped off the tele from all those years ago... and round our way Freeview is a pixelated nonsense, so I'm lacking digital TV...