Wednesday, August 24, 2005

... But apparently not from spammers...

Okay, urgent measures called for.

Sorry folks but certainly for the next couple of weeks I'm restricting comments to registered users of Blogger. Am REALLY sorry to those of you who aren't users of blogspot (well, mostly) that you won't be able to comment for that period but needs must. I got seriously spammed and I don't want to check in on a full inbox of spam comments whilst I am away. I've left a sample of the way they're spamming pesudo-messages as "anonymous" but friendly comments to show why I have done this.

Tough love will be reconsidered when I have more regular net access to monitor things.


JoeinVegas said...

lorem ipsum has some type of comment thing that makes you type in a word displayed as a graphic, which should prevent all of that stuff. Have to find out what she has.
But have fun while away. Oh, you are allowed to have fun at home too.

Skuds said...

That is a facility which Blogger introduced just last week (I think).

Its a new option in the Comments part of Settings called "Show word verification for comments."

Its a brilliant idea but the default setting is "NO" duh!

I enabled it and then felt confident enough to allow anonymous comments again.

Another new feature is the ability to flag blogs. (Look on the top bar). What you do is go to the blogs which are spamming you and flag them as an annoyance. Apparently Blogger are considering removing blogs which are just ad farms and if they get flagged by enough people it will come to their attention.

Casyn said...

I've just switched the word validation on too. I'd knocked comments back to bloggers only, but that doesn't seem to stop them. I've managed to avoid the spam-comments so far.

I feel left out!