Saturday, August 20, 2005

Obscure songs: a recap and return (Listing)

Back at the start of the year I thought about starting up an "Obscure Songs" review. I only did three before events and work and suchlike took over my schedule - I think the Chick Flicks essay was also haunting me at the time!

Anyway, these were the first three, all worth searching out:

Licquorice: Keeping the Weekend Free
The Sixths - Momus: As You Turn to Go
Hazeldine: Tarmac

I'm thinking of digging up some other tracks, some little gems under the boardwalk of sound. I'll probably keep this post as a link to the first three and as a home for subsequent irregular additions to the collection.

The Roots - Ursula Rucker: Return to Innocence Lost

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