Friday, August 12, 2005

Britpop 10 years on

Apparently BBC4 is doing a Britpop Night next week. Fat lot of good that is to me with the ultra-pixelating experience that freeview offers our household (we returned the beastly box with glum faces).

Quite a fun article here though from today's Guardian. Even though I hate the word, I did rather smile at Louise Werner describing Oasis as "the chavs of Britpop" [NB shame that John Harris couldn't be bothered to spell LW's name correctly].

Check out the press release from the Beeb for full details of the schedule. I am 'sad' - but not that unhappy to note - that I actually still have the videotapes of both "Britpop Now" and "No Sleep till Sheffield" knocking about my house...

Still think one of my favourite TV moments was Pulp performing "I-Spy" on Jools Holland. Jarvis at his lanky and long-fingered best.


Just Jane said...

I love this quote!

"I don't think you can blame Noel Gallagher for Coldplay," says Alan McGee. He suddenly looks slightly horrified.

Anonymous said...
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