Sunday, August 28, 2005

Two dead movies (and a double)

Ah, more wine, more music and two dead movies.

That is Dawn of the Dead (the recent remake of the classic Romero anti-consumer zombie film) and Dead Man's Shoes (aka vengeance is mine saith the brother).

In the case of the first, I just want to say that running zombies are VERY scary and re: the second that there is no such thing as just having blood on your hands in the metaphorical sense. Both very fine movies in their different ways. Also, good to see that the kindly doctor from American Gothic is still getting work (American Gothic: much underrated spooky US TV).

All neatly followed up with a dose of double Willow (Doppelgängland), which of course is never going to be a difficult viewing choice for the George. Featuring as it does some fab cute Willow moments as well as the wonderful scene when Willow dresses as the evil vampire alternate reality Willow and looks down at herself:

"Gosh, look at those"

Hee. A wonderful night of fun and freaky screaming.

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JoeinVegas said...

Me screaming? Great concept.