Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Ultimate films - more of the listing!

Yes folks, as we make our gradual way through the mire of new releases, it can be fun to look back on what has previously captured the public imagination...

69 Live And Let Die 1973 - Hmm, the Roger Moore Bond films. Fab theme tune though, and what's not to love about that funeral sequence at the start!
68 Saturday Night Fever 1978 - At the time this came out I recall many many people from school bunking in to see it... because what is often forgotten by those who just knew the soundtrack is that it was an adult film (X? AA? these were pre-"18" days) with class consciousness, gang violence and some rather dodgy sexual politics.
67 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 1980 - The absolute best of the Star Wars trilogy (I spit on the offenses that are the recent releases). Dark and bleak, I cried when Han Solo was frozen. Pleaded with my dad to let me skip homework to be able to go to the afternoon showing straight after school!
66 One Hundred And One Dalmatians 1961 - Disney! Dogs! Nasty villainess! Hopeless hencemen! The Windmill!
62 I'm All Right Jack 1959 - Not half as funny now that the unions are all but decimated by successive governments, but nevertheless an amusing period period with some hilarious work by the British actors of its day
61 Moonraker 1979 - It's a Bond film; of course we've all blooming well seen it!
60 High Society 1956 - One of the few remakes to really work, this musical interpretation of The Philadelphia Story remains a treat. Okay, so neither Bing Crosby nor even Frank are any match for Cary Grant and James Stewart, but the songs are fun, Grace K is a dream and Celeste Holm, as always, is fantastic.

Not sure
64 Lost Horizon 1937 - One of the films I know a lot about but not sure if I have seen it or not!
63 49th Parallel 1941 - I think this was another of my Sunday afternoon films, but my memory is too hazy to even try and claim this as a definate!

65 Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones 2002 - waste of celluloid...

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