Monday, January 10, 2005

Filmic Weekend: Reviews 3&4

Now we reach the final stages of the Filmic Weekend. Having fully indulged on Saturday, Cloud and I settled down to some DVD viewing on Sunday (well it beat writing lesson plans for my study skills course - which I STILL have to do... GRRR).

First up was The Game, that under-rated David Fincher film that came between the cultly admired Seven and Fight Club (two of my favourite movies). Now as this didn't gather anything like the same kudos as those two, it can be safely said this was a relative dud in Fincher's ouevre (though frankly no where near as flawed as Panic Room which is just a great opening sequence followed by a rather mundane thriller). The Game is one of the few films with Michael Douglas I can bear to watch - partly 'cos he comes so close to losing it - and despite all the plot impausibilities (the bullets, the phones, the X marks the spot) it does present a really enjoyable ride. We've watched the film several times now, and although that first viewing was utterly confusing and thrilling, it's still good to watch. Fincher has good vision and can weave the story well as a a director. If you've not seen it, make the time.

Second movie of the day was a real weepie favourite of mine, and probably my favourite Woody Allen film: The Purple Rose of Cairo. Awh shucks, what can I say? It was postmodern before the term was being bandied about like the grad-school theory it is. It's romantic, smart, and not a little bleak (always goes well with us). Mia Farrow looks luminescent - alongside Rosemary's Baby certainly her best performance. All in all the film charms, moves and makes one glad that movies exist. The refuge that can be taken in movies is a much underrated aspect of their purpose. And this movie has some lovely - and discomforting - things to say about that.

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