Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ultimate Films: counting into the top 50...

Many moons ago, before the world got bored with Rullsenberg's blogging, I started looking over the list produced by Channel Four of the most successful films in the UK. The biggest box office hits were counted down, not in terms of ticket values, but in terms of bums-on-seats.

Here is the next selection of "seen", "not sure" and "unseen"

47 Independence Day 1996 - Bruckheimer! Nonsense! Jingoism! Sentimentalism! Ah, shucks, it's still a fun movie (even if Mulder doesn't think so)
46 The Godfather 1972 - Much watched. Poor Apollonia...
45 The Sting 1974 - I was SO taken in by it!
44 Doctor Zhivago 1967 - Purists will say it doen't reflect the book well, but this is a gloriously indulgent emotional rollercoaster
43 The Guns Of Navarone 1961 - Yawn, yes, seen it...
41 The Jolson Story 1947 - one of many bio-pics watched on Sunday afternoons

49 I Live In Grosvenor Square 1945 - Am sure my nana would crack me for having 'forgotten' this but I am darn near certain I haven't seen it.
42 Piccadilly Incident 1946 - Sorry again nana

The category of "I-wish-I-had-not-seen":
48 Carry on Nurse 1959 - For once I am with Ken Russell on something; the Carry On films are pants. Fine at age 8; embarrassing thereafter...

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