Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sorry about the interruption - been having fun!

Ah, my mid-week has given me just about the best possible fun this gal could ask for. Hot on the heels on a sneaky visit to my friend Chrissie last month, she's been up to visit me and we had the most giddy approx. 27 hours you could ask for. Music, gratuitous dvd watching, food, a coven meeting (Helen Lisette joined us for a couple of hours) and mucho, MUCHO conversation! In fact to try and squeeze in as much chatter as we could we even did the whole slumber party thing so we could chatter till 3am! [The alternative was me disturbing the very tolerant Neil] And on her departure I picked up my lovely copy of the 400th issue of Doctor Who magazine! [and made sure sure H had hers and got one to post to C]

It's a pity real life has to intervene back again - for all of us. Hey ho. Here's to an improvement reflecting the delight we had on Wed/Thurs. Heck knows we deserve it.

And on a practical note, I didn't get online yesterday as I was painting the bathroom!

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chrissie_allen said...

Managed to claw my way back on line! Yes, it was fab to see you for those few, giggly hours;) Thank you so much for spoiling me, it was lovely! Must do it again soon. Like....13th December!!!! Can't wait! :o X