Sunday, September 14, 2008

Did I ever do a listing for the Shufflethon collection done last year?

I can't recall if I did this as a list or not anywhere so here goes:

Home Taping's Killing Music - Misty's Big Adventure
Don't Blink [soundclip]
Sing Songs Along - Tilly and the Wall
Don't Let Him Waste Your Time - Jarvis
Tarmac - Hazeldine
Last of the Timelords [soundclip]
Silent All These Years - Fay Wong
As You Turn to Go - The 6ths featuring Momus
Shining Citadel [soundclip]
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Susanna and the Magical Orchestra
Are 'Friends' Electric - An Pierle
Captain: Doctor [Soundclip]
Frontline - Captain
Reverse the polarity [soundclip]
Startup Chime - Ladytron
Rat Poison - Superqueens
Salamandrina - Einsturzende Neubauten
Scooby's House [soundclip]
Bohemian Rhapsody - Cud
They'll Hang Flags From Cranes Upon My Wedding Day - Ballboy
Fire and Ice - Tim [soundclip]
The matter (of Our Discussion) - Boom Bip featuring Nina Nastasia
Hackensack - Fountains of Wayne
Am I Ginger? [soundclip]
Lady's Leg Licked - Wevie Stonder
Two Hearts [soundclip]
Dream a Little Dream of me - The mamas and the papas
So Many Things - Francois Hardy
Beautiful - James Blunt vs Malcolm Goldie
TARDIS [soundclip]

Hmmm. That's rather interesting as it seems that there is considerable overlap with my most played tracks there. A representative selection as well as one for a gift?

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