Sunday, September 28, 2008

Merlin - magical

Oh I am such a sucker for swash and buckle - truly I am my mother's daughter. So you can imagine that I was well reliving the past watching Merlin last night which has just finished its second episode. Yes, they have ALREADY started bumping it around the schedules but I do truly like it!

Yes, it is VERY silly, and yes they have taken horrific liberties with the 'text': but if it is fun I (almost, mostly) do not care enough to complain. I grew up on TH White, and Morte D'Arthur, and, yes, Richard Harris in Camelot. What can I say? I'm at least prepared for texts to take some liberties as long as they convince me of the narrative's internal coherence.

This will certainly keep me amused for the next few weeks.

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Jane Henry said...

Still haven't decided about Merlin. Love the guy playing Merlin. Quite like the knockabout with him and Arthur. Was shouting obvious things at Merlin all of Saturday like, why don't you tell someone?/Isn't it going to be obvious the guy's been bitten by a snake? etc (but that's ok I do that a lot in Primeval too), but I just can't cope with Uther being there, and what the f*** is going on with Guinevere being a maid? I think they forget at the Beeb that there's a whole generation for whom the stories are NEW, so you can get away with a traditional telling.

But. Ok. Can cope. Just about... Thought the opener was better then this week's episode, but am sure we'll stick with it!

Kids were all thoroughly freaked by Richard Wilson as only time they've ever seen him he had a gas mask on and was asking Are You My Mummy? but I think they've got over that now.