Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shiny mac update

I'm having lots of fun with my puter - especially the lovely feature of expose which is BRILLIANT for nuts like me who need to see an application at full screen size but can easily lose track of what I've opened in terms of applications.

Am still adjusting to the keyboard - and although my lovely mac OS X Leopard 'Missing Manual' book is fabulously useful - I'm still not quite sussed about keyboard shortcuts. Maybe to do with my shiny apple aluminum keyboard???

I still have to sort out my pictures (safely stored on my external drive from the old machine), and relocate my camera USB cable (fairly important for down/uploading my pics from lovely Chrissie visiting!).

I also have to sort out getting Office mac on the machine - its on the 'TO DO' list when I feel clear and confident what I need to do G! - so that should help fix the word file store I have.

And I really REALLY need to sort those out so that I can work out how to make best use of timevault/external drive storage of my mac version files (though preferably without losing what's already on the external drive in PC format -- not least as the drive could easily accommodate both formats).

In other words: getting there.

'Course, Cloud would argue that hours spent faffing on iTunes and contributing to online forums and reading fiction on line could be more efficiently used sorting these issues but hey. What's a girl to do?!

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George said...

Don't listen to Neil, he just doesn't understand the importance of these other things!

But, we have sorted out Office now yes?

I don't see any problems with storage, files are files and there is no mac or pc-format drive difference that I know about.

As for the keyboard, I assume you've worked out that you need to use cmd and not ctrl for things like copy, cut and paste...

If in doubt give us a call!

Happy maccing...