Friday, September 12, 2008

Shiny shiny mac mini

It's SO shiny!

OMG. It is SO shiny!

Okay, this is a bit freaky but I have a computer again! Not sure how I will get fully back up and running - what with the chaos my house is in and the need to sort out my external drive etc to transfer files.... but... OMG! Shiny shiny!

I need to calm down.

George, Marie: I am TOTALLY blaming you for this!

BTW anyone spot that those last gasp Hamlet in London tickets went a bit quick? Am amazed it last 3 hours frankly.


MediumRob said...

Welcome back to the world of the web! And welcome to the Mac world (not to be confused with Macworld) - you've made a fine choice. Let me know if you need any help – I'm sure you won't.

Marie said...

Yay! Mac Mini Appreciation Society starts here!

George said...

Welcome to the Light Side....