Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things I may/should blog about -- and mostly wanted to already!

Yikes: you go off-radar for a short while and the world moves on a-pace! In case people think I have forgotten to respond, apologies.

  • An album per year: hat-tip to Phil for reminding me of this music meme

  • The best Nu-Who episodes (scroll to meme) - choose just THREE: holy heck, that's tight. Ah well, MediumRob knows that such strictures are good for forcing us to choose

  • The best guest actors in Nu-Who - again, choose just THREE: ouch, how recurring can a character be before they're not a 'guest' anymore? This originates at ToobWorld, but I found it on MediumRob.

And much more catching up. This may be difficult if I go out tomorrow to a gig as planned (if I can stay upright). Need more hours in days. More sleep. And more fun.

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