Sunday, July 06, 2008

And breathe.....

Well, it's 2am and I've just finished watching the finale!

"What finale?" you ask...?

Well, where the hell have you lot been all week?

Down the same off-line hole as me?!

So, I survived the hen night. I was compelled to wear a pink sash declaring the group of us. I at first rebelled, quite vehemently, till with pursed lips and a clear indication this was under extreme sufferance, I allowed them to put it over me. It could have been worse: some parties were decked out in Hawaiian skirt outfits (note: I suspect these were plastic and extremely flammable. I tried to steer well away from the ones smoking fags outside...) The comedy club experience was (only marginally) redeemed by a less funny turn by James Dowdswell who Cloud and I had seen at summer sundae two years ago (he was funnier there, not having to play to the beered up posses of stag and hen groups). Otherwise it was - in the words of the bride to be herself - "quite the most offensive minutes I have had to sit through ever". Well, yes. Unfunny, excruciatingly crass, swearing for its own sake, misogynistic, racist... like the 1980s revolution in comedy had never bloody happened.

Still, I did dance to Tainted Love at the post-'comedy' disco. And then on 12 midnight ran for a taxi home. It was nice to be out with everyone - and it was lovely to be amongst people who all love our friend so much -- but it wasn't what I would ever want. Why do people do things because it's 'what you do'?


Still here?

Then if you want to be spoilered about the latest finale you will have to wait till tomorrow. I'm not even gonna try to write a review yet. Suffice to say, talk about having your cake and eating it! Jack's remark - and if you watched you will know which one - caused me to laugh loud and hard at the fanfics it will no doubt spur.

*sigh* there was sadness, and it was very RTD in its typical OTT way, but it was much better than I could have hoped for and well worth running from the ball to come and see.

Oh yeah, and I did have to stick my fingers in my ears at least twice during the hen night - there had been some video/sky+ recordings set for both attendees and offspring. I hope that they were happy with what they got. Apparently, the lovely Em cheered loud enough with brother Chuck to "wake the dead" (or at least echo across the country!) - so I'm glad someone was happy!

As for me, I'm satisfied. It's been a hellish week on the back of this. I'll be with you all over the next few days catching up!



chrissie_allen said...

Glad you survived hen night!!I can imagine how much you hated the pink sash! Thanks for the early hours text following your viewing of Who. The finale was highly enjoyed by my brood,I have to say.
I can see the flaws that have been pointed out by others, especially the Rose/ clone doc thang! But hey,
it's Dr Who aint it! Donna memory wipe was moving I thought. Kinda got me right in the thorax did that. All things considered...all the al I loved it!

Ms Heathen said...

I'm going to leave the Dr Who dissection to those more in the know (although I have to say that I didn't buy into Rose being given the Hand Doctor as a consolation prize), but just wanted to say I'm glad you survived the hen night - I can just imagine the look on your face as the pink sash was lowered over your head! But perhaps you should be grateful for small mercies - at least there were no L plates involved!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Ms Heathen (and chrissie): I actually don't think you can imagine how much I hated the pink sash. Add one of RT Davies really big numbers to 'n' and that may get close...

Ms Heathen: I think the consolation prize only works IF you don't know it IS a consolation prize. And if you find out, then maybe that's worse (like finding out you actually married a different twin to the one you thought you were marrying). Either way, it's not destined for happiness.

And I would say you are MORE than welcome to join in the dissection of DW: hell, it never stops any of us!