Friday, July 25, 2008

Ballboy at the Bodega Social, Nottingham Wednesday 23 July 2008

With a small but appreciative audience, this was a cosier affair encounter with Ballboy than our previous visits (where they packed out the larger Rescue Rooms venue). Their last album release had been a slight disappointment compared to the heights they had previously surmounted, but as George rightly notes they are truly back on form.

Supported by local geezer and girl gang The Jamjars (whose 'highlight' was their final song - "Jammy Bastards!"), on such a hot night it was hard to muster much enthusiasm before the main act arrived on stage. But Gordon was in cheery mood and the long time away wasn't reflected in the live performance. Gordon quickly got into a banter about their circuitous journey into the centre of Nottingham - their relief at hitting Brian Clough Way (which actually runs near our house!) to let them know they truly were coming into the right city [cue praise unbounded for the great man from Gordon and an anecdote about Cloughy 'randomly' kicking Steve Bruce on the ankle whilst Bruce was taking a piss in a urinal: "what's that for?!" said Bruce; "for all them times you did the same to my Nigel"].

Poor Rachel who sells their merchandise was definitely the target for torment that night - "well done if you've already bought your stuff, be nice to Rachel 'cos she usually gets completely pissed by the end of the gig - I'd definitely check your change!". She giggles cheerfully from the back [and yes, we had already picked up our in advance CD of the new album - I worked on the ships.

Throughout the gig there was a regular shout of "Play the Sash!" which Gordon dealt with in good grace and humour ["you're persistent, I'll give you that!", finally succumbing and getting grateful handshakes at the end of the song from the two guys who had beleaguered him through the set. It could have been nasty: as it was, the band were in good enough cheer to cope and it made the night charming.

Set list
Absent Friends
Songs for Kylie
I've got pictures of you in your underwear...
Something is going to happen soon
Godzilla Vs The Island of Manhattan with you and I somewhere inbetween
Swim for Health
I don't have time to stand here with you fighting about the size of my dick
Avant garde music
A relatively famous victory
The Sash My Father Wore
Leave the earth behind you and take a walk into the sunshine...
Donald in the Bushes with a bag of Glue

Catch them if you can, and definitely get the album.

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George said...

Indeed it was very good, and warming to be treated to Gordon's banter!