Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nu-Who guest stars

I'm playing a brief catch up here so next up are my thoughts on guest stars in Nu-Who.

If Bernard Cribbins counts as a guest star, then hell yeah he gets the nod. Three times over for being great.

Otherwise, Derek Jacobi, Lesley Sharpe, Jessica Hynes.

But does that really cover it?

There have been some lovely guest turns in the series: I loved River Song enough to want to see her re-appear in a story with her older (next) Doctor; Ann Reid was delicious as Mrs Finnegan; Simon Callow is perfectly camp as Dickens. I'd even praise Mark Gattis's turn as Professor Lazarus (though not the grotty CGI monster).

Again, too much to choose from...


Jane Henry said...

Yes I couldn't really stop at three here either! And I'd also go for Fenella Woolgar AND Felicity Kendall in the much maligned Agatha Christie one (oh yes, another favourite, for being utterly silly-Who and being about one of my favourite genre authors, as well as explaining her disappearance...)

I liked Mark Gatiss too, but I'm a LOG fan, so I would, however creepy he's being... And Thelma Barlow (sorry can't remember her real name) was good in that one.

I loved Zoe Wanamaker as Cassandra too.
Oh bugger it. Why don't I say pretty much that I am fairly uncritical about Dr Who because I just enjoy it for what it is and love to see David Tennant wearing glasses....

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Gah! Fenella Wolgar! God, she was just BRILLIANT! Why didn't I think of her (and I too really enjoyed the Christie story).

Why don't I say pretty much that I am fairly uncritical about Dr Who because I just enjoy it for what it is and love to see David Tennant wearing glasses....

Jane Henry THAT is why we love you! For saying it for what it is!

On which note, I am reminded of the NOW show from R4 on Friday which had the immortal audience question of 'why is David Tennant devastatingly handsome in Doctor Who but not anything else?' (I'd disagree actually but that's by the by) followed up by the remark of 'he can come into my TARDIS any time!' (which itself then stirred the thought of 'doesn't that mean you're bigger on the inside?!'

Quite a chuckle for a Friday evening!

Jane Henry said...

Lisa thanks for the first coffee cup moment of my day!

And also for kind words.

Husband is not very good at turning off critical head when watching Dr Who (or Primeval for that matter)but I usually tell him to shut up.

Have you seen Dark Knight yet?? Want to blog about it but don't want to give any spoilers.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Does a coffee cup moment mean spluttering at the screen with a mouthful of hot drink so that it runs down your nose? Or is that just me...?


Anyway, glad to bring cheer - and no I haven't yet seen Dark Knight tho I am hoping to drag out Cloud before end of the week if i can. Am SOOOOOOOOO sure it will be brilliant. it is, right?!

Jane Henry said...

That's the one Lisa - it's a regular phrase on a writers egroup I belong to.

Oh and Dark Knight. If you enjoyed Batman Begins, I think you'll love it... Heath Ledger is exactly as good as everyone says. And it's a fabulous dark morality tale for our times. And I'll shut up now so I don't overhype it...

Oh and Michael Caine is the BEST EVER ALFRED.