Sunday, January 20, 2008

Primeval 2:2 quick responses

Ah, sigh. I got to watch this on my own yesterday as Cloudy Neil has a thing about worms. He wasn't best keen to watch which meant I could fully indulge in sofa climbing and sympathetic drooling for poor Nick Cutter.

With plenty of intensely brooding confused Cutter staring at Claudia/Jenny, action hero adventure Cutter in the office with the suck-you-to-death worms (how exactly did they kill people btw? Stupid questions will be asked...), wet Cutter under the sprinklers, and heartbroken Cutter on Jenny/Claudia's doorstep... well, I was in clover for the hour.

Sorry, but rational criticism got completely suspended (though I was on the ball enough to spot something of an explanation for the vanishing cleaner we noted last week. And does anyone else not trust Caroline Steel?)

BTW though, on the back of other debates about how ITV categorise and promote shows like Primeval it's interesting to note that from ITV's own website they had a link to a fan site by Jon Donni... who has now gotten so hacked off at ITV pulling even 20 sec video clips off the web that he is closing down the fan site. OUCH! As phrased on the site (before it disappears):
"All the promises of exclusive images and videos from Helen Lawrence, never materialised.

All the promises from the ITV publicity guys on facebook, never materialised."
Good job I've never really used any other site than the Douglas Henshall fansite isn't it?! But it does seem a shame given that the ITV site itself is hardly a model of spectacularness... Promotion this time around seems a tad lacklustre and really only bolstered by the toys and book merchandise out/due out... Come on ITV: surely you can do better than this?


Anonymous said...

I started the original "Primeval ITV" group in Facebook and have been surprised by how eager to steal members is the new one -- why?
Best ITV publicity would be 10 minute "Making of..." minis for each episode, freely available online (no DRM!), perhaps also telecast night of shows. Otherwise, many will be unduly influenced by stuffy reviewers who don't think FUN is okay.

Ms Heathen said...

I'm loving the second series, although I'm less sure about Douglas Henshall's new haircut.

Do you think if he changed it back to how it was in the first series, it might also cause everything else to revert to its original course? Would Jenny once more become Claudia? Would Abby once again start wandering around in her knickers?