Sunday, January 13, 2008

Anna's TV Scoop interview with Stephen Mangan

Gosh, this was very thrilling to read wasn't it? One of our gang getting a star interview! Nothing less than we'd expect as we all know and love our Anna, but it was a real delight to read her interview with such a name as SM.

Still best known from Green Wing, he's now the star of Never Better.

I think one of my favourite bits from the interview was where Stephen mentioned a friend who couldn't bear too watch The Office because "it's too much like real life. He just finds it unbearable". I think there is a lot of truth in that for me - it actually prevented it being felt as funny because frankly it just hurt to see semi-reality. The other, of course, is where you can almost FEEL Anna's glee at Stephen talking enthusiastically about The Mighty Boosh with her (I have a vision of her punching the air with glee as she talked to him about that). Especially when the topic shifts to characters attracting the ladies...

Noel just seems to be someone who just attracts the ladies... what is it with them? People like him and Julian Rhind-Tutt! It's the long hair, isn't it?!

TVS: I prefer Julian to be honest... Julian Barratt I mean!!SM: Oh right, well that's good because Julian Rhind-Tutt just gets the ladies flocking to him. It's just sickening...

TVS: I'm a Stephen Mangan fan, personally.
SM: laughs Thank you.
Go read the interview by Anna with Stephen Mangan either at Theatre is Life, or at TV Scoop.

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AnnaWaits said...

Aw thank you! I did rather enjoy it...!