Thursday, January 10, 2008

My new favourite website: TV Tropes Wiki

Via Electric Dragon in the comments at MediumRob's place, I got sucked into this site: TV Tropes Wiki. Opening with a gem on Viewer Friendly Interfaces, the warning that you can lose hours on this site is likely to hold true...!

Much to chuckle over and great if you fancy a kind of TV Trope bingo for watching certain programmes (I think pretty much everything is covered...)


Electric Dragon said...

*evil laugh*
It is alarming how much time can get sucked away by that site. For instance I came across the following brilliant sentence in the Timey Wimey Ball article:

One day You Can't Fight Fate without the Butterfly Of Doom coming along, but the next you can Screw Destiny and Set Right What Once Went Wrong by Killing Hitler...

Meanwhile earlier I watched 5 minutes of Echo Beach and had to stop before I killed myself. Soaps can be set either a) somewhere glamorous, aspirational or sun-kissed (cf. Dallasty, Neighbours) or b) somewhere gritty and urban (Corrie, Enders). They were obviously aiming for a) but failed - McCutcheon and Donovan were doing a scene in the middle of a gale force wind-swept Cornish beach, and Donovan looked frozen. And they were doing the ABBA video thing - one looks wistfully out to sea, while the other talks to their ear. Then they both look wistfully out to sea. Then it's the other person's turn for ear-directed talking.

JoeInVegas said...

Oh yes, since you don't write long posts here yourself you send us off to spend hours elsewhere and take credit for it.
Very well done.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Joe: it aint subtle but it works! And Electric Dragon knows i gave credit!
Electric Dragon: isn't the point of Echo Beach that is is DELIBERATELY all TV cliches? isn't that why Moving Wallpaper exists? I'm not saying it's a great execution of the idea, but criticising EB for its bad TV cliches seems a tad misplaced.