Thursday, February 09, 2006

Forest footballers

Earlier this week, Cloud was at the Nottingham Forest ground for a meeting (the Council buildings are just across the road from the City Ground). Anyway, he reported that whilst over there a number of the Forest players were arriving - for training he assumed. Apart from one player who drove a BMW (I think), everyone turned up in sponsored Golf cars. And pretty much all of them carried nothing more weighty than a titchy Louis Vuiton toiletries bag (possibly this one?).

Presumably, any 'golden boots' of Forest are too valuable to be allowed out of the grounds with the footballers.

Cloud's description of them was simple: "poseurs". Frankly, for a team who is still someway off the pace for making the playoffs to return to the second division, it's just bonkers to be this precious about themselves. And sorry, I'm not buying any of this facile 'Championship' nonsense: they are currently in the third division of English football whatever they want to call it.


Kerron said...

Forest are in League One, not the Championship. Although with the amount of changes League One (old old Div 3) has had it will probably be "The Coca Cola Vase" next year and old Div 4 (League Two) will be the plate or something.

It has a whiff of political correctness, but the only people who get confused are jobbing footballers from other countries who dfon't know quite hopw exciting it is to go to Carlisle on a Tuesday night!

PS While I'm here, can I just thank Forest again for getting rid of Marlon King - he's our top scorer and the Championships player of the month. Thanks! :-)

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

yeah you do not have to remind me that Forest are in League One... my point was that supposedly they are playing for promotion TO the Championship, and I'm afraid that nothing will stop me viewing that beast as division two whatever they call it... It isn't the top division, so doesn't that make it the second? and doesn't that make Forest be in the THIRD? Foreshame it breaks my heart...

Kerron said...

I hear you, preach it sister! :-)