Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gentle comedy

You know what, I rather like the good-hearted nature of My Name is Earl. I know I've mentioned before how I enjoyed it, but it is so sweet-natured at heart that I really just wanted to say it again.


Skuds said...

It is a watchable, understated, comedy. Loved the first (or second?) episode where the rednecks had to go to the gay bar.

Good to see Jason Lee doing stuff too. A very watchable actor.

It just keeps clashing with things and I never quite get round to seeing it.

Paul Fuzz said...

The show's success is very much dependent on the quality of it's cast, who are all uniformly brilliant. It's well paced, with bags of Wonder Years 'after-school special' good natured moralising, and as Anna says over on her blog it makes for some of the best Friday night telly in years. I gotta say I don't think the writing is always super sharp, and the reference points (Smokey & The Bandit, A-Team etc) are pretty standard, but in some respects this is all part of it's laid back charm - they make it look like they ain't even trying, and that's refreshing. I'm even cultivating an Earl-style 'tash. It's rubbish.

Clare said...

You're right, it's great. Very Northern Exposure.

IT Crowd is also great. IMHO. Friday nights are fun again, at any rate.

AnnaWaits said...

Good to see Jason Lee doing stuff too. A very watchable actor.

He *really* is, isn't he? I literally could watch him all day. Maybe not literally.

Paul Fuzz said...

Clare: 'Very Northern Exposure.'
YES YES YES! What a show. 'Earl' is indeed a worthy successor to one of the truly great cult US comedy dramas. Oh, man. I miss Northern Exposure so much.