Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sidebar addition: Paul Fuzz on Beatles-related stuff

Paul Fuzz, despite endangering himself by criticising Pulp in an earlier comment, has nevertheless set up a very interesting blog himself after months of entertaining and often lengthy comments at places such as the lovely Anna's blog.

Anyway, I just had to link to this gem about an anti-Beatles text from 1965. In a pamphlet entitled 'Communism, Hypnotism And The Beatles', the Reverend David A. Noebel apparently tried to make a case for the Beatles being part of a mass communist conspiracy. Rightly, Fuzz ends his post thus:
"I give the right-on Rev Noebel a fruit & nut bar rating of: 8
Welcome to the blogroll Paul.


Paul Fuzz said...

Thankyou kindly, Miss Lisa. Sorry 'bout the Pulp-bashing, most un-called for, I actually quite like the This Is Hardcore stuff. Anyhoo, thanks for the heads up on my blog, hope all the lovely hip cats and kittens who dig your site hop over to mine for an quick eyeball. Keep on truckin, sister.

AnnaWaits said...

Haha I was wondering when Paul's conscience would get the better of him and an apology would emerge!