Monday, June 20, 2005

New blogger and a Coen connection

Since I am a huge fan of the (not so recent) Coen brothers films, couldn't help spot that St. Buff of the new blog Fear in the City of the Living Dead brings with him a fabulous connection.

Go eagles!

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St. Buff said...

I can't comment on the Coen Bros.' most recent work -- I'll cite bad casting as the reason/excuse for skipping out on them, but I do love me some Blood Simple and Raising Arizona .
Many thanks for the plug on your blog, I'll post a link to yours as soon as I figure out how this thing works. I hope Kara and/or Darren haven't hyped me too much, and I'll do my best not to disappoint.
And thanks for reminding me of the existence of Eyeball and the like. I've been slack on my reading lately, and I've intended on picking up some UK zines for a while. All we really have here is Fangoria, which tends to waste way too much page space on crap like the War of the Worlds remake.